Nora is a self-help platform in the form of an emotionally intelligent virtual agent, designed to speak each day with a person undergoing a 14-day quarantine.

Due to the recent impact of COVID-19, people around the world have seen their normal lives disrupted, and almost every country has implemented mandatory 14-day self isolation for anyone traveling from outside. We designed Nora with these people in mind, some of whom can find it difficult to be in quarantine. Through regular conversations and meditation/exercise, a user can keep a healthy routine while being confined to the self-isolation space. In addition, Nora carries out temperature check and breathing exercises via self-screening, and keeping a track of these and other mood data gives a sense of reassurance to the user throughout the 14 day sessions.

What you can expect

Before the Conversation

  • computer Use Chrome. Nora is currently only optimised for the Google Chrome browser. You will have to sign in to your Google account for a personalized experience.
  • videocam Allow access to microphone and camera. Nora will request access to your microphone and camera. Please grant access to both. Full screen mode is adviced.
  • music_video Meditation and Exercise Videos can be customized from the default videos at anytime before your session. Just press on the edit button next to each video (we only accept YouTube or Bilibili links for now).

During the Conversation

  • security Privacy. All conversations with Nora are 100% private and confidential.
  • textsms Conversation. Each day Nora will ask a series of questions, including temperature and breating checks, personal questions, and towards the end ask for meditation or exercise.
  • language Language. Nora currently only speaks English. More languages will follow!

After the Conversation

  • equalizer Personalised advice. After the conversation, Nora will show you a session overview including temperature and emotion graphs.
  • trending_up Track each day. You can log and track your mood and temperature over time. After one session is over you can close the browser tab and come back the next day.

Why talk to Nora

  • person
    Personalised experience.
  • Over the period of 14 day sessions, you can customize the type of meditation and exercise you want to follow every day, and get personalized graphs showing your daily progress.
  • public
    Use from anywhere.
  • Nora just requires an internet connection and the Chrome browser. So no matter where you are self-isolating, you can speak to her on a daily basis, which can become a good routine during the 14 days.
  • trending_up
    Mood tracking.
  • Visualise your mood/emotion changes. Nora tracks your mood and temperature level over time. This can give you a sense of reassured feeling as you get a routine feedback from speaking to Nora.
  • import_contacts
    Quarantine Journal.
  • Nora keeps track of your mood and stress levels, and the reported temperature for each day, which we will send to you along with the conversation transcripts, in the form of a "quarantine journal", after you finish the 14-day sessions. Finally, all the content in your “quarantine journal” will then be automatically deleted from our system.